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by Pamela McGuire on Tree Of Life Medical

After my first experience, the office staff and doctor have reached out and provided me with an exceptional experience. They contacted me immediately, and scheduled an appointment. They ensured I had all necessary paperwork, and walked me through what to expect . They followed up with reminders. Upon arrival I was greeting in a welcoming, friendly and professional manner. I was seen on time and Dr Lacovelli was fabulous. She took time to explain everything and ensured all my questions were answered. So happy for the second chance.

by Mindy Weiss on Tree Of Life Medical
Dr. I is a gem

Dr. Iacovelli is a true gem. For starters, she is thorough and patient. Her office does not overbook and each patient is treated like a priority, not a number, the way one often feels in other practices. Moreover, Dr. Iacovelli is bright, thorough and thinks out of the box. For over a decade, I was told my labs were normal and my fatigue was due to chronic fatigue syndrome, a “catch all” disease with no definitive diagnosis or cure. As a result, I was exhausted all the time. I also experienced rapid weight gain but was told it was due to a slowing metabolism and age. I visited multiple medical doctors over the years, always with the same results.Dr. Iacovelli carefully listened to my symptoms. and reviewed my labs. Even though my thyroid was technically normal, it was on the low end of normal. That fact, combined with my other symptoms (fatigue, weight gain, always cold) led her to believe my thyroid was low. She prescribed synthroid and cytomel. She also prescribed testosterone, due to low levels per my labs, which also causes low energy. After taking these meds for approximately three months, I have a significant increase in energy and have not felt better in many, many years. I feel as though Dr. Iacovelli has given my life back to me.I could highly recommend Dr. Iacovelli.

Best Doc Ever

Dr. Iacovelli Malone’s wealth of knowledge and experience in her field is exceptional; I say this because I did hours of reading/research about my condition and Dr. Iacovelli Malone echoed, off the cuff, everything I had read. Her ability to convey her knowledge to her patients is done in a personable, caring and easily understandable manner. Her bedside manner is second to none. I felt very much listened to and cared about by her. My visit with her was like seeing an old friend. She answered all of my questions and laid out a plan for my treatment. Her staff is as kind and caring as she. I was seen promptly at my scheduled appointment time. If you want to feel like yourself again, go see Dr. Iacovelli Malone.

I have been seeing Dr. Iacovelli for many years. I love her!! She has compassion, time to answer my questions and always explains things (sometimes two or three times) so I understand what is going on with my body. She always writes down the 'Plan' for my future reference so I remember what we talked about when I get home. Dr. Iacovelli discovered my hormone levels and my thyroid levels, although in the low normal range, could benefit with replacement. (My regular PCP had never addressed this in 10 years of his care because my labs were within normal range, albeit low.)Dr. Iacovelli is still working to stabilize my thyroid medication. I have lost 50 pounds since I started seeing her She also responds right away to any problems I have.I only have praise for her and her staff.  Dr. Iacovelli is my favorite all-time MD!!

by Jyllene on Tree Of Life Medical

Dr. Iacovelli is exceptional and completely differentiated in her field! As her patient, she took an interest in understanding all facets of my health and circumstance in order to treat me holistically and enable optimal health and wellness for me. Her passion and knowledge of hormone therapy and women's health has made a significant impact and improvement in my life! I have recommended her to several of my friends and colleagues.. all have had the same experience as I have! She is an outstanding physician!

My name is Chris and I have suffered many years with menapause. I have been to 5 different doctors. No one could help me. But then I meet Dr Iacovelli. She made me feel like a new person and she is always there for me. I would recommend her to everyone...she is the best!!

Dr. I saved my life

Dr. Iacovelli saved my life! After dealing with several other doctors and not being able to understand what my body was doing, Dr. Iacovelli finally gave me peace and normalcy. I have been working with her for over three years. My hormone imbalances are fixed, I am able to function and I continue to learn the importance of proper hormone treatment. In addition to Dr. Iacovelli's superior knowledge in her field, she has amazing bedside manner and a highly supportive attitude allowing for a trusted doctor-patient relationship. I don't know what I would do without her!